Wednesday, 29 November 2017

The Print Block Christmas Pop Up at Kent & London

This year we are lucky to have our
Christmas poster designed by the 
talented artist, writer and poet 
Sophie Herxheimer. Thank you Sophie 
we love it! 
Once again we are fortunate to be 
given the opportunity to host our 
Christmas Pop Up at the beautiful 
'Kent & London' furniture showroom 
on the beach in Whitstable.
(next to Keams Yard) We will be 
showing a selection of beautiful 
handprinted, handmade textiles, 
homewares, gifts, cards, editioned 
screen prints by our members and 
editioning clients including Alice 
Pattullo, Sophie Herxheimer, Julia 
Mckenzie, Robert Clarke and Paul 
Bommer and many more. Doors open 
Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd Dec from 
10 - 5pm. We would love to see you 
so pop in and say hello!

Editioning for Sophie Herxheimer

To run alongside the publication of Sophie Herxheimer's
beautiful new book of poetry 'Velcom to Inklandt' she 
has produced a series of paper cut-out images for Suki 
to edition as a series of small screen prints. These are
now available to buy direct from the Print Block online 
shop or from our Christmas Pop Up at Kent & London
in Whitstable this coming weekend 2nd & 3rd Dec 10 - 5pm 
or direct from the artist.

Velkom to Inklandt by Sophie Herxheimer

A sneak preview of this beautiful new book by the 
amazingly talented Sophie Herxheimer. Reviewed in 
the Observer Arts as 'Poetry Book of the Month'. 
Sophie is a London based writer, poet and visual 
artist and we are proud to work with her.

Editionng for Julia Mckenzie

A new screen print for Autumn by the 
London based artist/printmaker Julia 
Mckenzie. This beautiful image is from 
one of Julia's intricate paper cut-outs 
editioned by Suki at the Print Block.