Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Editioning for Paul Bommer

Talented Norfolk based artist/printmaker Paul Bommer 
has produced this beautiful new artwork for Suki to 
edition. 'The Tempest/Much Ado About Nothing' was 
designed and printed to celebrate the 400th anniversary
of the death of William Shakespeare. This poster for 
a fictitious Shakespeare double-bill, The Tempest 
(the storm) and Much Ado About Nothing, a storm in a 
tea cup! Available to buy soon from our online shop 
priced £90.


Editioning for Sophie Herxheimer

Very lovely to have Sophie Herxheimer 
back in the studio proofing with Suki 
on a series of new prints last week. 
Based in Brixton Sophie moves between 
poetry, painting, drawing and print 
and came laden with tons of brilliant 
ideas, sketchbooks, collages and a 
copy of her beautiful new book 'The 
Listening Forest'.  
'Decent Skirt', 'This is How to Behave'  
and a new colourway for her popular 
'Advice Slip' are now available to buy 
from our online shop as are a selection
of other works by Sophie editoned at the
Print Block.

Editioning for John Stoddart

More proofing with Kent based celebrity photographer 
John Stoddart. Using a selection from his vast archive 
of photographs, John is working with Suki on a series 
of ten portraits Catherine Zeta Jones being number two.

Dream Safari

A selection of new work by Dream Safari who were back 
in the studio producing some great prints heading for 


Editioning for Mychael Barratt

Editioned by Suki 'Infinite Monkey's' is a new screen 
print for London based Printmaker Mychael Barratt. 
Based on a theory by mathematicians who were exploring 
the idea of how many monkey's it would take randomly
trying to type the entire works of Shakespeare....
infinite monkeys!

Pressure Sounds

Suki editioned these 'Slim Smith' mini prints for Pete
at Pressure Sounds available from pressure.co.uk

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Proofing with John Stoddart

Whitstable based celebrity photographer John Stoddart
is currently working with Suki on a series of photographic
screen prints of some of his most famous clients over 
the years. We are expecting more star studded images
from his vast archive over the coming weeks!

Monday, 4 April 2016

Dream Safari

Dream Safari booked the studio again 
for another days printing. Lots of great 
colours and graphics, prints and posters 
all heading for Berlin!

The Spring Studio Sale

Despite 60mph winds, driving rain & hail over the 
Easter weekend we were overwhelmed by the brilliant 
turnout of locals and newcomers through our studio 
doors making this another successful sale. Thank you
to everyone who braved the weather to support us, to 
all our customers regulars and new it was lovely to 
you all!

Editioning for Mychael Barratt

Canadian artist/print maker Mychael Barratt lives 
and works in London and has been working with Suki  
on his beautiful and intricate new screen prints 
for editioning. Inspired by Shakespearean dramas 
'Exit, Pursued by a Bear' is a five colour print  
measuring 100 x 80.

Print Block Workshop

These are some great examples of what 
our students achieved on our Saturday
workshop. All new to screenprinting
and with very different styles & artistic
backgrounds made for a great days printing!