Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Loewe Project

This collaborative project with
the Spanish luxury leather company
Loewe, artist Rob Clarke and Suki
at The Print Block worked together
to produce this beautiful 20 page
book that explains the life of the
artisans that have worked within
the company for the last hundred
and sixty five years.

Printing Workshop at The Horsebridge

A 100 plus children and teenagers filled
the Horsebridge for our Printing workshop.
They experimented with block printing, 
screenprinting and monoprinting to create
this fantastic shoreline of Whitstable
which is now hanging in the foyer of the
Horsebridge. A big thank you for everyones
help and support in making this such a
great success.

Layers Exhibition Part 2

New prints are now hanging in the Horsebridge
in Whitstable as part of The Print Blocks
'Layers' exhibition.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Layers Exhibition

The Layers Exhibition is now showing at 
The Horsebridge Centre in Whitstable. This 
exhibition is in two parts showing members 
and editioning artists work. The second 
installment is now underway.

July Workshop

Examples of photographic stencils 
from a one day workshop at The
Print Block.

Hang Me Up

The Print Block has collaborated with
artist Rob Clarke to produce the A-Z
of Whitstable available to buy from It comes in
black and white in two sizes and there
is also a limited edition four colour
version shown here.

Derek Cadogan

Suki has been busy editioning these
prints for artist Derek Cadogan.

June Course

Here are more examples of our students course 
work. They experimented with paper stencils, 
drawing fluid and photographic stencils to
make a wide selection of screenprints.