Thursday, 15 September 2016

Editioning for Pressure Sounds

A full rack of hand printed 'Yabba You &
The Prophets' record covers waiting to go
to the cutters for Pete at Pressure Sounds. 
These are available to buy soon direct from

Karen Radford

'Semaphore' a new 5 x colour screenprint by Whitstable
based artist/printmaker Karen Radford. Available  to
buy soon from the Print Block online shop.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Editioning for Phill Hosking

'Dark Matter' a new screen print by Whitstable 
based illustrator & digital sculptor Phill
Hosking. Editioned by Suki this 4 x colour
screenprint an edition of 25 is available to 
buy direct from the artist.

Editioning for Anna Wray

Editioned by Suki another lovely screen 
print by Cambridge based illustrator/
printmaker Anna Wray. 'First day of Spring' 
is available to buy direct from the artist 

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Editioning for Catman

Kent & London based street artist
Catman has been in the studio proofing
his very first screen print with Suki.
'They See Me Rolling' an 8x colour print,
edition of 80 priced £100 is available 
to buy direct from the artist via Facebook 

Editioning for Phill Hosking

Kent based artist Phill Hosking has been in the studio 
with more new work for Suki to edition. 'Thought Form'
is a 5x colour screen print, edition of 25 and available
to buy direct from the artist. Contact Phill via Instagram 
ECLECTO2D or his blog site